Companies using profitability and cost allocation solutions from SAP have tremendous valuable information, able to support critical decisions of the organization:

 - Should we stop producing and selling certain products?

 - Are we offering too high discounts to a certain customer?

 - Are we overspending in certain areas?

 - Why are we selling a product below cost price?

 - Which GL accounts are contributing to my marketing expenses for a product, is it salaries, events, campaigns?

If you are not able to answer all these questions in real time, take a look at our profitability dashboard, which gives you an easy interface to navigate through this information with a plug&play dashboard.

Our solution is able to trace each cost allocation and offer you a breakdown by your general ledger, adding extra value to the information available in ERP.

Our solution integrates with your SAP system (SAP ECC, S/4HANA, Business One) and gives you this information on the go and in real time.

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