SDManalytics is a provider of Business analytics solutions, helping companies capitalize on their data and activate the information for an improved and more effective decision making.

Our management team has over 15 years’ experience in Business Intelligence and has participated in more than 100 projects and delivered to over 60 satisfied customers.

We understand the complexities of a Business Intelligence system and key aspects that drive to a successful solution. We strive to deliver:


We partner with the technologies that have a proven record of customer satisfaction and the highest ratings in the market. We do not rely on market studies alone but hands-on experience and direct clients feedback.


We understand that technology alone isn’t the answer. However, making sure our team is technically qualified remains on top of our list. This will not guarantee the success of the project, but a lack of technical skills can surely make a project fail.


At the core of an analytics project is the understanding of the business value to the client, the constant alignment with the stakeholders and a project methodology that doesn’t sit on a laptop but that is followed throughout.


Our core team is always onshore and sits with our clients during the project. Finding the right balance of onsite and offsite resources is always important, especially for anlaytics projects

With these pillars at the core of SDManalytics, our customers can turn data into an asset and leverage a flexible, dynamic and active solution that can adapt to the changing needs of the organization.

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